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Emergency Management Advisory Council


Article 8 – Emergency Management Advisory Council; Creation; and Function
Section 801. The Allegan County Board of Commissioners hereby establishes the Allegan County Emergency Management Advisory Council consisting of not more than (13) members.  The Council shall advise the Chairperson and the Emergency Management Coordinator on matters pertaining to emergency management, especially in plan development.  The (13) members of this Emergency Management Council will be the same (13) members of the Allegan County EOC staff, based upon their positions and responsibilities as identified in the Allegan County Emergency Operations Plan. (11)
Section 802. The council shall be appointed by the Board of Commissioners. The Emergency Management Coordinator shall act as its chair.  The Emergency Management Coordinator shall act as reference to their responsibility and special knowledge in performing functions during emergency or disaster situations.




2021 Advisory Council Meetings.pdf



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