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Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) was passed by Congress in 1986. EPCRA was included as Title III of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) and is sometimes referred to as SARA Title III. EPCRA provides for the collection and availability of information regarding the use, storage, production, and release of hazardous chemicals to the public and emergency responders in your communities. The law promotes a working relationship among government at all levels, business and community leaders, environmental and other public interest organizations, and individual citizens to improve hazard communications and emergency planning. 

Michigan State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) has specified that each county in the state will form a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). In addition, certain cities are also allowed to maintain their own LEPC. As such, there are ninety-one (91) LEPC's in Michigan.
This committee's mission is to develop, collect, research and prepare hazardous material plans that are required by the SARA Title 3 Act (Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act) for dangerous chemicals of different amounts that are located in Allegan County. The committee also prepares and educates the public and emergency responders to this information. The Local Emergency Planning Committee Site Planning Specialist makes routine visits to each of the 72 sites in Allegan County annually and updates information, photographs and mapping of these sites. Allegan County is one of the few counties that are up-to-date on their site plans. Many larger and smaller counties do not have the resources that Allegan County has to accomplish this mission.

You can also view the pipelines within your community by clicking here: The National Pipeline Viewer



2021 LEPC Meeting Schedule.pdf
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LEPC appointment flowchart_2017.pdf
LEPC Minutes 9-2-2020.pdf
LEPC Zoom Meeting November 4 2020.pdf
November 4th LEPC Meeting Agenda.pdf
Strategic Planning LEPC Rev 2-5-15.pdf
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Presentation - How To Write A Tier ll Plan.pdf
2017 LEPC Board 
Back row left to right - Bruce LaBrie, Brett Apelgren, Helen Goyings, Brandon Weber, Dean Kapenga, Richard Koch, Ryan Lewis
Front row left to right - Whitney Wisner, Gail McFannin, Shellie Ritsema, Kathy Yonkers-Wright, Scott Corbin
Not Shown - Healther Miller, Margraet Brown, Jim Storey, Mike Larson, Ryan Cronk, Jennifer Hamman, Brant Mitchell
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