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Sheriff's Office & Corrections Center
640 River St.
Allegan, MI 49010
Phone: (269) 673-0500
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Case Management 

Serious crimes or those that require in-depth investigations are routinely transferred from the road patrol deputy who took the original report, over to the detective who is assigned to the area of the county where the crime occurred.
While there are not enough detectives to investigate every crime reported, cases are “graded” according to their presumed solvability, and detectives are assigned to work the most serious cases, as well as those they are most likely to be able to solve (whether because of good suspect information, strong evidence, etc.)
Routinely, detectives then report back to their Captain regarding the status of their open cases, and what is being done to solve them.
If you have information you believe may be helpful in solving a crime, call or email Silent Observer: