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Patrol : ContractedPatrols

Contracted Patrols 

Contracted Patrols serve as an additional safety measure in townships in several different areas of the County. While serving as members of the Sheriff’s Office, these deputies are paid by a specific township and provide community policing services. Some townships have joined together to share a contracted patrol, such as Leighton and Dorr Townships, who share a contract for two deputies.
To contact the deputy in your township or city, call 269.673.0500. then the extension listed below.
Contracted Townships/City ​Deputy ​Extension
​Fillmore/Overisel ​Deputy Tyler Langerak ​4271
​Gun Plain ​Deputy Joe Bronson ​4309
​Casco ​Deputy Kurt Katje ​4205

​Deputy Bernard Austhof

Deputy Brandon Berens



​Lee ​Deputy Dekota Tatrow ​4270

​Deputy Jay Anderson

Deputy Kyle Baker



​Saugatuck City

​Deputy Rob Flokstra

Deputy Janel Hagerty

Deputy Jason Kruithoff

Deputy Meredith Visser





Contracted Patrol Car