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Dive/Rescue & Recovery Team

The Dive / Rescue & Recovery Team is a specialty unit made up of 18 highly trained and well equipped members of the Sheriff's Office and local public safety agencies within Allegan County. The team consists of a dive-master, 15 certified divers, 2 surface technicians and a shore-master. The team also has a certified public safety scuba instructor. Team members train monthly to maintain proficiency in their skills and keep up with new procedures.  Divers utilize dry suits and full face masks equipped with underwater communications in diving operations as well as wet suits and conventional scuba.  Divers are certified in open water scuba, public safety scuba, ice diving operations, med-dive, evidence collection and other various specialty ratings through Dive Rescue International.

Calls for service include rescues, search and recovery, and evidence collection operations which can occur at any time of the day or night and at any time of year. This team is dedicated to be able to respond and complete their mission.  The team utilizes various equipment including a dive truck & equipment trailer along with a 17’ skiff dive boat and an 18’ Boston Whaler for diving operations; a hovercraft for ice rescue and diving, underwater metal detectors and a side scan sonar for extensive underwater searches.


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Dive Boat

Underwater search

Training operations covers various topics including ice rescue, water rescue, body recovery, search patterns, underwater photography & evidence collection, vehicle recovery, swift water & current diving, underwater navigation, low visibility & night diving as well as hovercraft operations.  In addition to this training, team members are required to perform an annual physical agility swim test & demonstrate proficiency in basic scuba skills.
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Ice Diving Group
Allegan County Waters

Divers are prone to exposure in various types of waters within and around Allegan County. These waters include 25 miles of Lake Michigan, over 277 inland lakes which are 2 acres or more in size, the Kalamazoo, Rabbit & Black Rivers and other smaller rivers, streams and tributaries; not to mention a vast amount of smaller farm ponds and pools. Many of these bodies of water are contaminated and have low to zero visibility. 

Water Safety & Education

The Dive Team also presents various programs for schools and community groups on Water Safety and Diving Information.  Children drown quickly and silently in a matter of seconds.  Adults who are present when a child drowns are often distracted in some way like talking on the phone or texting, chatting with friends or other adults, or reading.  The Sheriff’s Office Dive Team encourages adults to participate in the Safe Kids Water Watcher Program.
Other water safety information can be found on the web at
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