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Sheriff's Office & Corrections Center
640 River St.
Allegan, MI 49010
Phone: (269) 673-0500
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Community Corrections ProgramsDebts Crew

The Allegan County Community Corrections Program is financed in part through an agreement with the Michigan Department of Corrections-Office of Community Corrections. Priorities addressed through this agreement include:
  • reducing prison commitments and increasing the use of community-based sanctions and services for felony offenders. Priority is placed on probation violators, offenders convicted of OWI-3rd offense, and other substance abuse offenders.
  • changing inmate population by reducing admissions and lengths of stay for lower risk offenders.
  • reducing the number of repeat offenders through the use of programs based on “best practices”.


Community Corrections Programs offered are the:

  • Inmate Worker Program:
    • work in the Corrections Center kitchen preparing meals
    • work in the car wash garage cleaning patrol vehicles
    • work in the Corrections Center laundry cleaning inmate clothing
    • work at the Animal Shelter cleaning cages
    • assist with custodial duties at the Corrections Center 
    • serve as aides to the Teachers in the Corrections Center 
    • are assigned to seasonal details to reduce county government expenses (mowing, snow shoveling, etc.)
  • D.E.B.T.S. Program (Detail Enabling Better Transition to Society):
    • assist at the Community Center with set up for special events
    • work at area cemeteries, cleaning and clearing debris
    • work with the Drain Commission clearing drains throughout the County
  • Alternative Sentencing Program:
    • perform community service duties on the weekends (in lieu of Corrections Center time), such as cemetery or park cleanup
    • serve their sentence in Corrections Center on weekends only through the weekender program, allowing them to serve sentences while paying off fines, etc.
  • Work Release Program:
    • who are qualified and approved are allowed out of the Corrections Center for up to ten hours per day to maintain employment while serving their sentence.
  • METHMethamphetamine Diversion Program to develop cognitive skills where participants in this National award-winning program:
    • attend classes to learn to recognize circumstances that led them to drug abuse and other criminal behavior and teach them thinking and problem-solving skills
    • attend counseling sessions, both group and individual
    • receive frequent drug testing
    • attend school or work
    • participate in Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous
    • seek a healthy home environment upon release

    • Learn more about the METH Diversion Program
    • See the Meth Cognitive Skills booklet below
Many of these programs allow an offender to earn time off of their original sentence, while at the same time learning job skills, overcoming drug or alcohol dependency, obtaining a GED, and improving the community through their work with non-profit agencies.

 Information and Resources

Meth Cognitive Skills booklet.pdf
Work Release Program Information and Forms.pdf