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Lake Boards

Who We Are

There are four Lake Boards governed in Allegan County. The purpose of the Lake Boards is to address improvements to the Lakes that deal with water quality issues, i.e. nuisance aquatic plants. Statute or Mandate that applies, see Public Act 451 of 1994 Part 309 (Inland Lake Improvements). Members are appointed by the County Board Chairman.


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County Commissioner
5634 136th Ave
Hamilton MI 49419
Coterminous12/18/2008Lower Scott Lake Board
County Commissioner
319 River St
Allegan MI 49010
Coterminous11/8/2001Miner Lake Board
County Commissioner
1054 126th Ave
Shelbyville MI 49344
Coterminous4/25/2003Gun Lake Board
County Commissioner
5634 136th Ave
Hamilton MI 49419
Coterminous12/28/2006Hutchins Lake Board