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Board of Commissioners

The County's Mission Statement: The Allegan County Board of Commissioners shall plan, develop and evaluate the necessary policies and resources to ensure our county continues to progress and prosper. 

The County's Vision Statement: The Allegan County Board of Commissioners is committed to providing our citizens superior and innovative services, being judicious and efficient in the expenditure of resources and promoting a safe, clean and healthy environment in which to live, work and play.
  • Chairman: Dean Kapenga
  • Vice-Chairman: Tom Jessup 
  • County Clerk-Register: Bob Genetski 
  • County Administrator: Robert J. Sarro
Allegan County Board of Commissioners

Robert J. Sarro, County Administrator; Commissioners: Don Black, District #7; Gale Dugan, District #6; Tom Jessup, District #5;
Dean Kapenga, District #1; Mark DeYoung, District #4; Jim Storey, District #2; Max Thiele, District #3