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​This survey will help the participating organizations and the County decide how best to use the resources provided by our County’s residents. Organizations involved in this project include the United Way, Community Action of Allegan County, the Allegan Area Educational Services Agency and Allegan County Community Mental Health.


​No. Allegan County has no interest in identifying specific respondents. The survey has been set up so that no identifying information is captured. All responses are kept by the independent firm, National Research Center, Inc., who takes seriously the promise of anonymity in the survey research industry and ensures that all responses submitted are anonymous and cannot be tracked to any individual member of a community. The final report is told in group form, so there is no way to identify individually.


​We want to compare the demographic profile of those responding the survey to the demographic profile of the community as presented by the Census. In order to be able to do this we asked our race and ethnicity question the same way the Census does. The Census designates Hispanic as an ethnicity, not a race, hence it appears as its own question. Please be sure to answer both the Hispanic and race questions! This ensures we have the most complete information about everyone who responds to the survey. Your responses are anonymous and will be reported in group form only, so there is no way for us to know who you are and you cannot be identified individually.


​The survey can be taken by each adult member (age 18+) of the household or by all members speaking in one voice. The choice is yours. Since different members are likely to experience the community differently, it may be best for you each to take it so that your unique perspectives are captured.


​The survey is intended to be taken by any resident of the community who is 18 years old or older.


​We recommend that you go to one of the City Libraries or the Allegan County Services building to take the survey online. For assistance you may may contact the County at 269-686-5150.


​Absolutely not.


​As you progress through the survey, your responses will be saved on your computer in a "cookie" (provided you have cookies enabled). You can leave and come back to the survey to finish it later. If more than one member of your household intends to complete the survey from the same computer, we recommend you complete and submit your responses before the next person starts their survey.


​Yes, the government is here to serve all residents, and it is important to us that we get feedback from a complete cross-section of our residents.