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The National Community Survey 2019

Allegan County Community Survey Results

1 - The NCS Community Livability Report-Allegan County 2019.pdf
2 - The NCS Dashboard-Allegan County 2019.pdf
3 - The NCS Technical Appendices-Allegan County 2019.pdf
4 - The NCS Geographic Crosstabs-Allegan County 2019.pdf
5 - The NCS Demographic Crosstabs-Allegan County 2019.pdf
6 - The NCS Supplemental Online Results-Allegan County 2019.pdf
Allegan County officials and several non-profits serving the county hired a national survey organization to gauge residents’ views on the state of the county and services available to residents. The survey captured opinions of a representative sample selected from 1,700 residents in the County, who were mailed invitations to complete the survey. This was the first time the National Community Survey™ (NCS™) was done in Allegan County.  Learn more about the National Research Center. 
The Partner agencies: Allegan Area Educational Service Agency, Allegan County Community Action, Allegan County Community Mental Health and Allegan County United Way.
The survey tool being used is The National Community Survey™. It is a validated tool created in 2001 and modified to reflect local Allegan County conditions. The information gathered will be used for future planning and how best to allocate resources.
There were 293 responses and a margin of error plus or minus six percent. Allegan County also had a voluntary online survey for all residents, which received 532 responses.
The survey addressed eight facets of local living -- safety, mobility, natural environment, "built" environment, economy, recreation and wellness, education and enrichment, and community engagement.
About 3 in 4 of those surveyed rated Allegan County as an "excellent" or "good" place to live. Respondents’ ratings of Allegan County as a place to live were similar to ratings in other communities across the nation.
Other highlights from the survey include national benchmark comparisons from over 600 communities that have also used the NCS™ in the past few years. The 2019 survey findings above include:
1.       The NCS Community Livability Report Allegan County 2019
a.       This Report provides the opinions of a representative sample of residents in Allegan County.
2.       The NCS Dashboard-Allegan County 2019
a.       Summarized resident ratings across the eight facets and three pillars of a livable community
b.      A mix of ratings (higher and lower than the benchmark)
3.       The NCS Technical Appendices-Allegan County 2019
a.       Appendix A: Complete Survey responses
b.      Appendix B: Benchmark Comparisons
c.       Appendix C: Detailed Survey Methods
d.      Appendix D: Survey Materials
4.       The NCS Geographic Crosstabs-Allegan County 2019
a.       Allegan County’s customized comparisons by geographic area
b.      Number of respondents by area  
c.       Map of survey area including Sheriff Section areas, Pg2
5.        The NCS Demographic Crosstabs-Allegan County 2019
a.       Report based on the survey teams five selected demographics
6.       The NCS Supplemental Online Results-Allegan County 2019
a.       Data from the web-based survey available to all residents through a link on the County’s website
b.      This report is from 532 additional respondents not part of the mailed scientific Random Survey.
Allegan County contracted with the National Research Center, Inc. to conduct the survey using The NCS™, a tool created in 2001 with the help of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA).  The NCS™ was modified to reflect local Allegan County conditions.
Residents with questions about the survey may contact the County at 269-686-5150.