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Friend of the Court : Announcements: COVID-19 and parenting time- some answers


COVID-19 and parenting time- some answers


We understand that many parents have questions regarding custody, parenting time, and child support right now.  The Friend of the Court is not allowed to give legal advice: you must contact an attorney for this.  However, the State has provided some guidance for the public and the Friend of the Court to follow.  Specifically, the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-21 (COVID-19) requires all non-essential workers to Stay Home, Stay Safe for the next three weeks beginning March 24, 2020.  The order specifically allows individuals to travel for the following reasons 1) to return home from outside the state, 2) to leave the state for a home elsewhere, 3) to travel between two residences in this state, and 4) as required by a court order, including the transportation of children pursuant to a custody agreement.  This order is consistent with the stance taken by the Michigan Supreme Court, who issued a statement which provides in part, “The Supreme Court wants to remind parents that all court orders for a child’s custody, parenting time and child support are still in force.  Only a new court order can change that.  Parents should continue to follow their court orders.”  The Michigan Supreme Court also issued an order on March 18, 2020, which directed courts to reschedule non-emergency hearings and appointments.  If you believe you have an emergency situation, you may file a motion in Circuit Court.  The judge will decide whether the situation is an emergency and needs to be handled right away, or if it must be scheduled out to a later date to comply with the directives above.  The Michigan Friend of the Court Bureau has indicated they are working to provide answers to frequently asked questions, and will be publishing this information to the public when available.  Please check back to their website for more information





Created at 3/25/2020 11:06 AM by Jennifer Kamps
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