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What is the Tax Refund Offset Program?


​The Federal Tax Refund Offset (FTRO) and State Tax Refund Offset (STRO) programs are two automated enforcement remedies within MiCSES. These programs are used to submit tax refund intercept requests for a non-custodial parent (NCP) with past due support. When a non-custodial parent (NCP) files a state or federal income tax return with a tax refund due, the tax refund is intercepted up to the amount of overdue support and sent to the state’s child support agency rather than the NCP. Federal submission requires arrearages greater than $150.00 for TANF cases and $500.00 for non-TANF cases and State submission require arrearages greater than $150.00 for both TANF and non-TANF cases, regardless of weather the child is emancipated, over the age of 18, or disabled before the age of 18.

The FTRO is a continuous process-submittal and update processes run weekly throughout the year. The STRO program is an annual submittal with a weekly update process throughout the year.




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