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Allegan County Cheever Treatment Center
2243 33rd St.
Allegan, MI 49010
Phone: (269) 686-4649
Fax: (269) 686-4608
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Our residents have many opportunities to demonstrate their new skills. 

Leadership Academy

  • Leadership Academy provides many opportunities for our residents to learn and demonstrate their new skills
    • Physical exercise
      • Weight lifting
      • Running
      • Circuit training
      • Swimming
      • Zumba
      • Walking
    • Backpacking
      • Summer backpacking trips
    • Culinary training
    • Art classes
    • Personal Development Groups
      • Learning leadership traits
      • Researching a leader creating a presentation, learning to present, then presenting the paper
    • Field Trips
      • Visiting museums and places of learning

  • The opportunities listed above provide the resident the chance to step out of their comfort zones, experience something new, and learn about themselves as they develop new skills.