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Legal Terms - Delinquency


​Plea of admission, no contest, or finding of responsibility after trial.
Determination of consequence after adjudication (sentencing).
​Finding of responsibility or guilt without a trial or admission by the juvenile. The juvenile essentially stands silent on the charges.  Juvenile must agree to the no contest plea.
​Written document stating charge.
​Finding of responsibility or guilt based upon the juvenile’s statements.
Must be held within 24 hours of Detention. Determination as to legal basis for charges and whether the juvenile should remain detained or be released.
Meeting of attorney and/or juvenile and prosecutor to resolve matter without trial.
​Reasonable grounds to believe facts justify filing charges.
​Person empowered by Judge and Statute to conduct hearings in Family Court matters.
Payment to victim for damages/injury by minor or parents.
An action prohibited based on the juvenile's age, such as truancy, runaway, incorrigibility, or curfew violation.
​Notice of proceedings and charges.
Legal authority over parents and minor; parental rights remain intact.
​Means a minor under the age of 17 alleged or found to be within the jurisdiction of the Court for having committed an offense.
Court ordered removal of a juvenile from the custody of a parent pending trial, disposition, commitment, or further order.