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Financial Responsibilities 

Parents of youth coming under the jurisdiction of the Family Court could be responsible for the following costs:
  • The costs of out-of-home placement: such as foster care, residential/institutional care, juvenile detention, Cheever Treatment Center, hospital or independent living. Amount will be based on your income according to the Uniform Child Support Guidelines used by the Friend of the Court.
  • Medical services: including (but not limited to) dental, vision, medical exams, lab, x-ray, medications and drug screens.
  • Psychological treatment: such as therapy, counseling, testing and evaluation.
  • Service fees: such as transportation, attorney fees, tutoring, cost of electronic tether and Family Court Service Fee.
  • Crime Victim Rights Fund fee: as established by statute.
  • Sex Offender assessment and therapy
  • Restitution: If you child fails to pay their restitution, unpaid amounts may be transferred to the responsibility of the parent.
  • DNA Testing: as required and established by statute.
  • State Fines and Costs: such as the Minimum State Cost.