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Legal Terms - Protective Proceedings

A civil legal action concerning neglect or abuse of a child by a parent or custodian.
A complaint or other written allegation that a parent, guardian, nonparent adult, or legal custodian has harmed or failed to properly care for a child.
​An informal review by the court to determine appropriate action on a petition.
​A court proceeding, on the record, to determine if a legal basis exists for a child protective proceeding to be accepted for filing with the court. Placement of the child/children outside of the parental home may be authorized at this hearing.
A court-approved transfer of physical custody of a child to foster care, residential treatment, a hospital, or a private treatment agency.
Plea of admission, no contest, or finding of responsibility after trial to determine the Family Court’s jurisdiction over a child.
Determination of consequence, action, or services after adjudication.
Person empowered by Judge and Statute to conduct hearings in Family Court matters.