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Circuit Court Jury Duty

Juror Information Line: 269-673-0362

Toll-free: 1-800-632-3997




NOTE: If you are selected as a prospective juror, you are required to answer and return the Juror Questionnaire Form (below) within 10 days.

After 5:00pm on the evening before your jury service begins, you need to call the Juror information line at
269-673-0362 or toll free (800) 632-3997
  You will hear a recording informing you, by your juror number, whether you need to appear the next morning.
If you are ordered to appear, you must report to the Circuit Court Clerk’s window on the main floor of the Courthouse to check in.
Parking is available in the Courthouse parking lot.  You may refer to the map included in your juror packet for additional parking areas.
You must dress appropriately when you appear for jury service.
If you are selected as a juror for a trial, your term of service may extend beyond your assigned term of service in order to coincide with the length of the trial. 
If you feel you have a valid reason to request an excuse from jury service, you must complete and return the enclosed form you received with your questionnaire.  If you feel you cannot serve due to health reasons you MUST provide a doctors statement specifying the reason you are unable to serve.
You must appear unless you have received an excuse from the Circuit Court Administrator.



 Jury Duty Resources

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