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Central Dispatch : BurnPermits

Burn Permit Procedures

To obtain a Burn Permit call (269) 686-5222.
Burn Permit Instructions when calling:
  1. Please listen and follow the instructions carefully; failure to do so will result in an invalid burn permit. If you have a touch tone phone and want a burn permit, it will prompt you to press 1, if you are calling from a rotary dial phone please stay on the line.
  2. If you live in the Graafschap Fire District, you can not get a permit on this line. You will need to contact your local fire chief. Also, if you live in the cities of Allegan, Wayland, Otsego, or Plainwell, you cannot burn at all, please contact your fire chief if you need further information.
  3. This permit is good for brush, shrubs, and leaves only. You must have a source of water nearby and the fire must be attended at all times. If the burn gets out of control and requires a fire department response you may be held liable for any costs incurred.
It will prompt you to press a number based upon the area of Allegan County that you are burning in; and after you have made that selection, it will further prompt you to press a number based on the individual township you are burning in.
Press 1: Manlius Township, Saugatuck Township, Fennville Village, or parts of Fillmore Township not covered by Graafschap Fire Department.
  • Press 1: Manlius Township
  • Press 2: Fillmore Township not covered by the Graafschap Fire Department.
  • Press 3: Saugatuck Township
  • Press 4: Fennville Village 
Press 2: Ganges, Clyde, Casco, or Lee Townships.
  • Press 1: Ganges Township
  • Press 2: Clyde Township
  • Press 3: Casco Township
  • Press 4: Lee Township
Press 3: Overisel, Heath, Monterey, or Salem Townships.
  • Press 1: Overisel Township
  • Press 2: Heath Township
  • Press 3: Monterey Township
  • Press 4: Salem Township
Press 4: Valley, Cheshire, Allegan, or Trowbridge Townships.
  • Press 1: Valley Township
  • Press 2: Cheshire Township
  • Press 3: Allegan Township
  • Press 4: Trowbridge Township
Press 5: Leighton, Hopkins, Wayland, or Dorr Townships.
  • Press 1: Leighton Township or Dorr Township east of US – 131
  • Press 2: Hopkins Township
  • Press 3: Wayland Township
  • Press 4: Dorr Township West of US – 131
Press 6: Watson, Martin, Otsego, or Gun Plain Township.
  • Press 1: Watson Township
  • Press 2: Martin Township
  • Press 3: Otsego Township
  • Press 4: Gun Plain Township
Press 7: To repeat his menu.
The system will then ask you for your name, address that you will be burning at, phone number, and the township you are burning in, after you leave that information, you can disconnect.
Reminder: The burn permit is good for one day only, and that is the day that you call.