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District Court : Jury Duty FAQs: How do I get excused from jury duty?


How do I get excused from jury duty?


​In the State of Michigan, no one is automatically exempt from jury duty—everyone who meets the qualifications is eligible. Occasionally, circumstances exist when a person cannot serve.

If you are a person who (is):

  • Not a United States citizen
  • Not a resident of Allegan County
  • Has served as a juror in the preceding 12 months
  • Physically or mentally unable to carry out the functions of a juror
  • Has been convicted of a felony
  • Can elect to serve or not to serve because you are more than 70 years old
  • Desires to be excused because the interest of the public or of the individual juror will be materially injured because of your health or the health of a member of your family
  • Is a full-time high school student so that your jury duty could be postponed until after the school year
  • Desires to have your jury service postponed to a later term for good reason.

You must:

  • Write out a full statement of the reasons why you believe you may be disqualified, exempt, entitled to excuse, eligible for high school postponement or seeking postponement for good reason. Include supporting documentation such as copies of airline flight schedules, reservation forms, and/or class schedules.
  • If you are requesting to be excused for health reasons, you must obtain a doctor’s statement to that effect and enclose it with your statement.
  • Sign and mail your statement and all supporting documents to Court Administrator, 57th District Court, 113 Chestnut St., Allegan, Michigan 49010. Mail your statement and supporting documents within one week of the date that you receive the notice.


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