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Drain Office


Our Responsibilities

The Michigan Drain Code (Act 40 of Public Acts of 1956, as amended) is the law that governs the responsibilities of the Drain Commissioner. The Drain Commissioner, Denise Medemar, and staff are responsible for the operation and maintenance of over 825 established county drains and storm water management systems in Allegan County.

A county drain may be an open ditch, stream, underground pipe, retention pond or swale that conveys stormwater. These drains become designated as county drains through a petition process where either property owners or a local city, village or township petitions the Drain Commissioner to establish a county drain.

These systems are designed to provide storm water management, drainage, flood prevention and stream protection for agricultural and developed lands. Within county drainage districts, the Drain Commissioner is responsible for accounting of expenditures and financial statements, for maintaining records of the establishment and operation of each, and for conducting routine inspections and maintenance of the drains.


Payoff Requests

Payoff requests for Drain Special Assessments WILL NOT BE GIVEN VERBALLY. All requests must be in writing using the form listed in the Resources section below. Payoff responses will be given ONLY on the following days in the morning: MONDAY - WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY. Access the Payoff Request Form from the following link:


Online Drain Assessment Payoff Request Form




ACDC Development Rules.pdf
Allegan County Policy Statements.pdf
Allegan County Township Drain Maps.aspx
Certification Alternative Approach.pdf
Citizen's Flooding Prevention Tips.pdf
Published by the Michigan Association of County Drain Commissioners
FOIA Policy and Forms.pdf
Site Plan Review Application.pdf
Stormwater Review Checklist.pdf
Stormwater Worksheet.pdf
Submittal Checklist_County Drain.pdf
Submittal Checklist_Private Development.pdf



 Staff Contacts

DeniseDrain CommissionerDMedemar@ALLEGANCOUNTY.ORG
CarolynnChief Deputy Drain CommissionerCParnell@ALLEGANCOUNTY.ORG
HeatherDeputy Drain CommissionerHKnight@ALLEGANCOUNTY.ORG
BrentMaintenance Supervisor/DeputyBScholten@ALLEGANCOUNTY.ORG