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Drain Office : PublicWorks

Board of Public Works

The Allegan County Board of Public Works was established and organized under Act 185 of 1957, as amended. The Board of Public Works can be involved in any of the following projects:
  • Water supply system
  • Sewage disposal system
  • Refuse system
  • Lake improvements
  • Erosion control system
In Allegan County, the board consists of seven members, the Drain Commissioner and six other members appointed by the County Board of Commissioners. The Drain Commissioner is the elected Secretary for the Board of Public Works with Drain Office staff providing administrative support.
Local municipalities contract through the County Board of Public Works for funding purposes of a specific project, which must be approved by the County Board of Commissioners. By utilizing the County’s bond rating, the local municipality receives more favorable and affordable financing. The County of Allegan/Board of Public Works is the owner of record for the project until the incurred debt is paid in full.
In 2020 there were five active debt service accounts that involved eight municipalities, with payments billed and paid biannually. A total of $995,464.76 in principal, interest, and fee payments were collected and paid for the year 2020.