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Equalization : PRDSearch
Equalization Department
3283 122nd Ave.
Allegan, MI 49010
Phone: (269) 673-0230
Fax: (269) 673-0312

HOURS: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Monday - Friday
(Closed 12-1pm)

Public Records and Map Search

The Allegan County Equalization Department has made the Township and City parcel information available for your use. A PRD (Public Record Data) application allows the records to be searched, reviewed and printed via the Internet. This data has been assembled by the Equalization Department from the local unit assessment data and is based on the close of their March Boards of Review. All information received from the local assessing units and authorized for display is on this web site. If you require information that is not on this web site YOU MUST CONTACT THE LOCAL ASSESSING UNIT. Equalization DOES NOT have building improvement attributes.
The data included when supplied by the local unit is: property address, owner information, taxpayer information, current valuation information, tax roll description, and available sales data. Additional information made available is parcel maps as of tax day December 31st of the previous year.
Map searches first require the knowledge of the parcel location. Parcel location can be determined by attaining the parcel number via the PRD parcel search. Next, identify the township/city and the section/block using the parcel code digit reference below. This will allow the location of the parcel on the map.
Parcels in a subdivision can be located by going directly to the township map and clicking on the subdivision index by section. The 3 digit section/block numbers are listed next to the subdivision name as is the section of the township map the subdivision is located. This will tell you the section the subdivision is located in. Return to the map and click on the required section. Once there the section/block, parcel and split portion of the parcel number will be used to identify the parcel sought.
All parcel #’s begin with County code 03. This number is not required to be entered and is not shown. The FIRST TWO digits that appear in the parcel number are the UNIT CODE.
County Township/City Section/Block Parcel Split
03 01 001 001 00
Parcel maps of each unit are also available on-line and may be printed in an 8 ½ x 11 format.
Disclaimer: Recipients of access or enhanced access receive all information AS IS. Allegan County, its officers, officials, employees, agents, volunteers, contractors, or its public bodies make no warranties of any kind, including but not limited to warranties of accuracy, fitness for a particular purpose or of a recipient’s right of use. Recipients are solely responsible for investigating, resisting litigating and settling such complaints that may arise regarding the data accessed, including the payment of any damages or costs. Land description and maps are designed for the sole purpose of locating and identifying parcel for assessment purposes. Tax roll descriptions, sometimes referred to as legal descriptions, are not meant to replace a legal description by an Attorney. Parcel maps are not survey quality and should not be used as such.
We realize that taxing authorities are not available 24 hours a day, however, this web site will supply basic information. All data is as of the close of the March Boards of Review subjecting these records to potential change during the course of the year due to Homestead changes, action by the July and/or December Boards of Review, Michigan State Tax Commission, Michigan Tax Tribunal, and Michigan Department of Treasury Homestead decisions. Maps are as of tax day December 31st of the previous year.



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