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May 2013 Election : SchoolCosts

School Election Costs


 Townships - School Election Costs

Casco Township.pdf
Clyde Township.pdf
Fillmore Township.pdf
Ganges Township.pdf
Laketown Township.pdf
Lee Township.pdf
Manlius Township Expense Vouchers.pdf
Manlius Township.pdf
Overisel Township.pdf
Salem Township.pdf
Saugatuck Township.pdf

 Cities - School Election Costs

City of Douglas.pdf
City of Fennville pg 2.pdf
City of Fennville.pdf
City of Saugatuck.pdf

 Reports - School Election Costs

Advertising Costs.pdf
Apportionment Costs.pdf
Canvassers Cost.pdf
Cost of Ballots.pdf
Precinct Kits and Supplies.pdf