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Elections : Locations

Polling LocationsElection_MichiganVotes.jpg

Visit Michigan Voter Information Center to view a copy of your most recent ballot and to locate your polling location.


City of Allegan Allegan City Hall, 231 Trowbridge, Allegan
City of Douglas Douglas City Hall, 86 W. Center, Douglas
City of Fennville Fennville City Hall, 125 S. Maple St., Fennville
City of Holland 4-9 Calvary Baptist Church, 517 W. 32nd Street, Holland
City of Holland ​5-11, 5-12, 5-13 Holland Civic Center, 150 W. 8th St., Holland
City of Otsego Otsego City Hall, 117 E. Orleans St., Otsego
City of Plainwell Plainwell City Hall, 211 N. Main Street, Plainwell
City of Saugatuck Saugatuck Woman's Club, 303 Butler St., Saugatuck
City of South Haven South Haven City Hall, 539 Phoenix Street, South Haven
City of Wayland Safety Complex, 160 W Superior St., Wayland


Allegan Township 1 & 2 Township Hall, 3037 118th Ave., Allegan
Casco Township Casco Township Hall, 7104 107th Ave, Corner of 71st & 107th Ave.
Cheshire Township Cheshire Township Hall, 471 41st St., Corner of 104th & 41st St.
Clyde Township Clyde Township Hall, 1679 56th St
Dorr Township 1, Dorr Township Hall, 4196 18th St., Dorr
Dorr Township 2 & 3, St. Peters Lutheran Church, 4125 18th St., Dorr
Fillmore Township Fillmore Township Hall, 4219 52nd St.
Ganges Township Ganges Township Hall,  1904 64th St, Corner of 119th Ave. & 64th St.
Gun Plain Township 1 & 2 Gun Plain Township Hall, 381 Eighth St., Plainwell
Heath Township Heath Township Hall, 3440 M-40, Hamilton
Hopkins Township/Village Hopkins Village/Twp. Hall, 128 S. Franklin St.
Laketown Township 1 & 3  Laketown Township Hall, 4338 Beeline Rd.
Laketown Township 2 Graafschap FD Station, 4534 60th Street, Holland
Lee Township Lee Township Hall & Fire Station, 877 56th St., Pullman
Leighton Township 4451 12th St, Suite A, Wayland (next door to library)
Manlius Township Manlius New Richmond Hall, 3134 57th St.
Martin Township Martin Community Bldg., 998 Templeton, Martin (1 block south of red light)
Monterey Township Monterey Community Bldg., 2999 30th St., Corner of 130th & 30th St
Otsego Township 1 & 2 Otsego Township Hall, 400 N. 16th St.
Overisel Township Overisel Township Hall, A-4307 144th Ave., Holland 49423
Salem Township 1 & 2 Salem Township Hall, 3003 142nd Ave.
Saugatuck Township Saugatuck Township Hall, 3461 Blue Star Hwy., Saugatuck
Trowbridge Township Trowbridge Township Hall, 913 M-40 South, Allegan
Valley Township Valley Township Hall, 2054 North M-40, Allegan
Watson Township Watson Township Hall, 1895 118th Ave., Allegan
Wayland Township Wayland Bradley Hall, 1060 129th Ave., Shelbyville