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Evaluation of Existing Onsite Systems.pdf
PLEASE OBSERVE OUR GOAL FOR TURN AROUND TIME IS 3 WEEKS, YOU MAY CONSIDER THE USE OF A PRIVATE INSPECTOR. Use this form for evaluations requested by mortgage lenders or for change of use to existing systems.
State of Michigan DEQ Application for Type II Water Supply
Raw Land and Preliminary Plat Application.pdf
Use this form to have an undeveloped plot of land evaluated based on soil conditions.
This document shows the expectations for submitting the site plan required with your (see above) "ONSITE WATER AND OR SEWAGE DISPOSAL APPLICATION"
Well and.or Septic System Permit Application.pdf
Use this application for a permit to install an onsite sewage disposal system and/or a well for new construction or repairs
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Maintenance (Pump Out) Record.pdf
Well Isolation Update from 75 ft to 50 ft.pdf
April 2018 update to the Allegan County Water and Sewage Regulations showing the isolation distance (from septic tanks and disposal areas) for Residential Water Wells from 75' to 50'.
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Access to Environmental Health Records Request.pdf
Use this form if you would like to request information from our environmental health records.
Assignment of Address Request.pdf
Variance Deviation Request.pdf
Use this form for requesting a variance to an isolation distance.
collapse Category : Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Controls ‎(3)
SESC Application 2018.pdf
This application is required if you are disturbing soil within 500ft of a stream, drain, wetland, and/or body of water. Or disturbing soil on greater than (1) acre of earth.
SESC Packet.pdf
Basic information to help with submitting a SESC permit application.