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Recycling : Education

​​​​Resources for Educators

Recycling and Environmental Education can be fantastic additions to your classroom lesson plans or may simply be something you are interested in. A variety of disciplines can be featured in hands-on, integrated learning experiences for all age groups.
Below are links to Environmental Education sites or documents that can be used to enhance or supplement your classroom presentations or just give you something interesting to read.
Allegan County uses Kent County's Recycling Process Center for recycling.  Please visit this website for acceptable items and educational information about single stream recycling.  School groups or residents that are interested in a educational tour of this facility can contact Allegan County Resource Recovery for free tour information.

EDN's Educator Network features free downloadable lesson plans designated by themes (sustainability, climate, natural resources and wildlife) or by discipline (math, economics, social studies). You can even download the “Environmental Jeopardy” game!
They have teamed up to provide a recycling opportunity for their glue bottles and glue sticks. Elmer's Glue Crew Recycling Program™ is a fun, hands-on way to teach about recycling. As a program member, you'll have access to plenty of helpful recycling-related curriculum and fun projects to keep your kids excited about recycling. Best of all, you and your students also have the opportunity to win hundreds of great prizes, including Elmer's products and more!
Environmental Kids Club with a wealth of resources
They have teamed up to produce a fun publication called “You Can Be an Energy Star: A Who’s Guide to Saving Our Planet for Who’s of All Shapes & Sizes” staring Horton the Elephant. You can order up to 300 of these free activity books for your school. Just click on “Publications” at the very bottom of the screen to go to the order page. There are also online games in the Kids section and other information.
Environmental education material

 Educational Material

2018_Otsego Recycling Event Oct 20 Flyer.pdf
2019_Republic Hamilton Recycling Event May 18 Flyer.pdf
Allegan County Scrap Tire Clean-up Day Flyer.pdf
Allegan County Sharps Disposal Centers and Fee Schedule.pdf
Allegan County Single Stream Recycling Guide.pdf
Allgean County Resource Recovery Program Map.pdf
Do You Need to Dispose of Sharps.pdf
Sharps Collection Programs for Michigan Residents.pdf


Questions? Call Resource Recovery: (269) 686-4559