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Curbside/Drop-Off Recycling - Sign-up here.

Find local Curbside/Drop-Off Recycling information for your city or township on this list.

Contamination is one of the greatest challenges facing recycling today! It increases costs and can cause otherwise recyclable materials to be landfilled. Follow the Do's and Don'ts of Recycling to help reduce contamination. 


Do's and Don'ts of Recycling

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  1. Rinse and dry all containers.
  2. Only place clean items in your cart.
  3. Discard oily or dirty items. 
  4. Place all materials loose in cart.
  5. Break down cardboard boxes.
  6. Check for recycling symbol and number on plastic.  If it is not marked do not place it in your container!
  7. Place your cart at the curb the night before pick-up if you have a curbside collection service.
  8. Follow the Allegan County Recycling Guide!
  1. Place items with any food or original material in recycling container.
  2. No Styrofoam (#6 symbol) of any kind in curbside or drop-off site recycling.
  3. No Hazardous Waste containers in recycling. (Engine oil, pesticide containers, etc.)
  4. Place any large plastic items in recycling. (Plastic lawn chairs, five gallon bucket, etc.).
  5. Bag items or place items inside of other containers.


Only place items listed below in your curbside or drop-site container.  Placing other items in your recylcing container only causes contamination.  If the material is not listed, it will not be recycled!


Allegan County Recycling Guide_2020.pdf
This guide provides a list of acceptable items to recycle in curbside carts and at single stream collection sites.
Allegan County Resource Recovery Program Map.pdf
2021 Resource Recovery Program Recycling Participant Map

Have you heard of 'Wishful Recycling'?  It causes more harm than good! 

Wishful recycling occurs when material is tossed in the recycling bin that you hope are recyclable or think should be.  It is good intentioned, but it causes contamination and can result in recyclable material being sent to the landfill.  Only place acceptable materials in your recycling container and ensure it is clean and loose.  Clean recycling reduces contamination and loose material aids in sorting.


Questions? Call Resource Recovery: (269) 686-4559