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Recycling : Guidelines

Do's and Don'ts of Recycling


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  1. Rinse All containers.
  2. Place all materials loose in cart.
  3. Break down cardboard boxes.
  4. Check for recycling symbol and number on plastic.
  5. Place materials to the curb the night before pick-up if you have a curbside collection service.
  1. Place items with any food or original material in recycling container.
  2. No Styrofoam (#6 symbol) of any kind in curbside or drop-off site recycling.
  3. No Hazardous Waste containers in recycling. (Engine oil, pesticide containers, etc.)
  4. Place any large plastic items in recycling. (Plastic lawn chairs, five gallon bucket, etc.).
Curbside Recycling and Drop-Site Recycling




Questions? Call Resource Recovery: (269) 686-4559