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History of the Recycling Program


Act 138 of the Public Acts of 1989, Part of the Urban Cooperation Act of 1967, establishes an agreement between Allegan County and a local governmental unit, (LGU), to fund a recycling program to reduce the amount of solid waste entering the landfills. This agreement allows a voluntary surcharge of up to $25 per household, per year, on all residential homes within the LGU to fund a recycling program. The LGU’s board can approve this surcharge contract, making the LGU a participating governmental unit (PGU). Currently there are 20 PGUs that participate in the Allegan County Recycling Program! If for some reason, you want to opt out of this program, please complete the Opt Out form below (under "Resources" and return to your township or city hall (treasurer) by August 1. 


The surcharge income from the PGU is placed in a separate account at the County Treasurer’s Office and is used to fund recycling services in this priority order:
  1. Drop-off site and or curbside collection recycling programs within the PGU with limited recycling promotion.
  2. Tire collections, appliance collections, composting, household battery collection, household hazardous waste collection, electronic device collection, and other services allowed under Act 138, P.A. 1989 for the PGU.


Allegan County will deduct a maximum of $3.75 per household, per year from the PGU for planning and administering the recycling program. The surcharge contract between the PGU and Allegan County is renewed in five year terms. Surplus funds with interest are carried over and stay in the PGU’s account.


Commercial Small Business Recycling.pdf
Example Tax Bill Surcharge.pdf
Opt Out Form Allegan County Resource Recovery.pdf
PGU Reimbursement PolicyProcedure.pdf
Solid Waste Management Plan 1997 Update.pdf
Solid Waste Planning Committee (SWPC) Information.aspx
Solid Waste Planning Committee (SWPC) Meetings.aspx
Southwest Michigan Solid Waste Consortium (SMSWC) Information.aspx
Spanish Version - Allegan County Recycling Guidelines for Drop-site and Curbside Programs.pdf


Questions? Call Resource Recovery: (269) 686-4559