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Sharps/Medication Disposal 

Do NOT place in recycle or directly in trash


Sharps Disposal

The Allegan County Health Department sponsors a collection program for medical sharps, such as used syringes and disposable lancets. Improperly discarded medical sharps can injure family members, animals, waste management workers and end up in places where they are a danger to the public, such as our beaches. These sharps are a hazard because they may be contaminated with disease causing bacteria or viruses. Some County residents can pick up a free sharps container at the Health Department or purchase them at local pharmacies. Full containers, labeled with the resident’s name and address, can be brought to the Health Department by appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays where they will be properly disposed off through the county’s regularly scheduled medical waste pick-up. Contact 269-686-4559 for appointment.


Allegan County Sharps Collection Program Brochure.pdf
See this brochure for detailed program information.
Allegan County Sharps Disposal Centers and Fee Schedule v.2.pdf
Allegan County has two local options for sharps disposal; find out more in this document.
Do You Need to Dispose of Sharps.pdf
Preview image of this flyer is shown below.
Medication Disposal Video.aspx
Video is made available from EGLE (formerly MDEQ)
Sharps Collection Programs for Michigan Residents.pdf
View the MDEQ Sharps Collections Programs list for Michigan

Medication Disposal

Unwanted drugs should NOT be flushed down the drain.

Proper drug disposal protects human health, the environment, and our surface and groundwater resources.  Medications should be kept secure while in use to prevent unlawful abuse.  When drugs are no longer needed, they should be disposed of properly. View the Medication Disposal Video from EGLE (formerly MDEQ).


Unwanted Medication Disposal

Unwanted MedsAllegan County has recognized the impact that unwanted medications can effect our Environment, Public Health and Community. Permanent drop off boxes for unwanted medications are available at these law enforcement agencies. This service is for unwanted medications. Please drop off during office hours.
Unwanted Medications can be dropped off at the following law enforcement stations during office hours:
Allegan County Sheriff’s Office ​640 River St., Allegan
Douglas City Police Dept. 47 Center St., Douglas
Plainwell City Police Dept. ​119 Island Ave, Plainwell
Wayland City Police Dept. 160 West Superior St., Wayland
Fennville Police Dept.​ 177 N. Maple St., Fennville
Gun Lake Tribal Police​ 2869 Mno Bmadzewen Dr., Shelbyville
Otsego Police Dept.​ 127 Court St., Otsego
State Police Post (Wayland)​ 544 N. Main St., Wayland