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Immunization Clinic - Wednesdays 

Immunizations & TB Skin Tests are available by appointment only.
Please call (269) 673-5411 to schedule an appointment.
Important: Please bring your immunization record to each visit.  Please bring health insurance cards with you also.
A parent or legal guardian should accompany any child under 18 years of age. If a child must be accompanied by an adult other than their parent or legal guardian, the adult needs to present a “Health Department Consent Form” completed by the parent or legal guardian. Consent Forms are only good for 24 hours. A new form needs to be filled out every time your child returns for immunizations.
After your appointment, please fill out our survey either in person at the clinic or by clicking the link at the bottom of this webpage.

Vaccines for Children (VFC)

The VFC Program provides federally purchased vaccines for children 18 years of age and younger who are Medicaid eligible, have no health insurance (uninsured), are American Indian or Alaska Native, or are underinsured. Local health departments across Michigan are required to ensure that Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program vaccine is given only to eligible children.
  • Any child who is enrolled in Medicaid at the time of their visit is eligible for VFC vaccine.
  • Any child who has no health insurance at the time of their visit is eligible for VFC vaccine.
  • Any child who identifies as American Indian or Alaska Native qualifies for VFC vaccine.
  • Any child whose health insurance does not include any reimbursement for vaccinations at the time of their visit qualifies for VFC vaccine.
A child is considered to be insured if all or a part of the vaccine is covered by insurance. An insured child is not eligible for the VFC Program.  Parents are responsible for finding out if their health insurance includes any coverage for immunizations.
Children who have private insurance coverage for immunizations are not eligible to receive free vaccine at Health Department clinics.
If you need further information about the availability of a particular vaccine or your child's eligibility to receive free vaccine, contact the Health Department 269-673-5411 and ask for the Immunization Program.
We bill Medicaid. Please bring your card. We do not bill Medicare. We do not bill Private Insurance companies. If you have Medicaid and have another form of health coverage, please call the Health Department to check if we can bill for you.


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VFC Program Fees

  • VFC Vaccine administration $15.00 per dose
  • If your child is not enrolled in Medicaid, and you cannot afford to pay the vaccine administration fee for VFC vaccine, we will ask you to pay what you can. No one who is eligible for VFC vaccine will be denied services if they cannot pay.

Privately Purchased Vaccines Fees

Many health insurance plans cover routine immunizations.  Please check with your insurance.  If your insurance covers the cost of immunizations, it is best to go to your physician’s office.
  • We only bill Medicaid (except spendown, Emergency only, TPL) at this time.  Please bring your card.
  • Adult immunization fees vary according to the current fee schedule. The administration fees are included in the fee for adult immunizations.
  • TB Skin test $15.00
  • If you are dually enrolled with 2 health plans, please call first. (Example: if you have Aetna and Medicaid or BCBS and Priority Health.)
Adults & Children with private health insurance that covers routine immunizations may obtain some of them for a fee at the Health Department. These fees must be paid.
Duplicate Immunization Record $5.00
Please call in advance for an appointment and the current fee schedule. We do not bill private insurance companies. At this time, we can accept debit/credit cards.
2019 Vaccine Fees
Child 0-18
years of age
Adult 19+
years of age
​Adult Hepatitis A Vaccine (19 years and older) ​N/A ​$45.00
​Adult Hepatitis B Vaccine (20 years and older) ​N/A ​$45.00
​HPV9 (Age 9 through 26 years) $193.00 ​$193.00
​Influenza – Inactivated (3 years and older) ​$30.00 ​$30.00
​MMR ​$60.00 ​$60.00
Tdap (7 years and older) $52.00 $52.00
TB skin test $15.00 $15.00
Copy of Immunization Record $5.00 $5.00
Vaccine fees listed above include the administration fee.
Please note fees may change due to increased costs.

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