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Personal Health : Diseases

Communicable Diseases (CD)

The Communicable Disease Program of Allegan County continually works toward the prevention and early detection of communicable diseases.  It provides education on CD to the community and promotes Hepatitis A and B vaccination and treatment of both Latent and Active Tuberculosis.

Allegan County Communicable Disease Data

Michigan Law requires physicians, hospitals and laboratories to report certain communicable diseases to the local public health department.

 Diseases Resources

Fact Sheets.aspx
Emerging Diseases in Michigan.aspx
UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION on Communicable Disease Trends including ZIKA and Tick and Lyme Disease
When to Stay Home.pdf
Communicable Disease School Reporting System.aspx
Mananging Communicable Diseases in Schools.pdf
2016 Reportable Diseases in Michigan and Local Health Department Directory.pdf
Allegan County Communicable DiseaseTrends 2012-2016.pdf
Janaury 2017Communicable Disease Summary.pdf

 Germ House
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