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Healthy Kids

FHealthy Kids #2ree health care coverage for pregnant women, babies and children. 1-888-988-6300
Healthy Kids is a program for pregnant women, babies and children. It covers women during pregnancy and the first two months after pregnancy ends. Babies may be eligible for up to one year after birth. Children may be covered up to age 19. Pregnant women and their babies need to get care early and return for regular checkups to stay healthy. See your doctor, health plan, or call your local health department or Department of Human Services (DHS) office today. Ask for the MIChild-Healthy Kids form and fill it out right away.
For pregnant women coverage includes:
  • checkups (prenatal care) before your baby is born
  • lab and x-ray tests
  • prenatal vitamins
  • delivery (birth) of your baby
  • hospital care
  • care for your baby after he or she is born
  • other services that Healthy kids covers
People who do not meet citizenship requirements qualify for emergency health care services. Pregnancy-related emergency services are:
  • Delivery (birth) of your baby
  • Hospital care
What Healthy Kids Covers Healthy Kids covers most medically necessary health care needs including:
  • Ambulance
  • Dental Doctor visits
  • Family planning
  • Health check-ups
  • Hearing and speech
  • Home health care
  • Hospice care
  • Hospital care
  • Immunizations (shots)
  • Lab and x-ray tests Nursing home care Medical supplies
  • Medicine
  • Mental Health
  • Personal care services
  • Physical therapy
  • Prenatal care and support services
  • Substance abuse
  • Surgery
  • Vision
  • Well-child visits
Healthy Kids must assure necessary transportation. You can get help getting a ride if:
  • You do not have a way to get to and from a doctor visit or
  • You do not have a way to get medical items or services that are covered
This policy also applies to dentist visits and getting dental items or services that are covered by Healthy Kids. In some cases, the rides you need must be approved in advance. If you belong to a health plan, contact your plan. If you do not belong to a health plan, contact your local Department of Human Services 269-673-7700.
Healthy Kids #3What Support Services Are Covered?
Support Includes:
  • transportation to doctor visits
  • classes on child birth
  • classes on baby care
  • help in getting food and learning to make healthy, well-balanced meals
  • help with personal problems that make it hard for you to take care of yourself while pregnant
You may also qualify for Maternal Support Services (MSS) and Infant Support Services (ISS) to help you during your pregnancy and after your baby is born.
How to apply for Healthy Kids:
To apply for Healthy Kids, Fill out the MIChild-Healthy Kids form. For help in filling out the form, contact your local health Department of your local Human Services office.
When applying you must show proof of income, including:
  • Recent paycheck stubs
  • Social Security benefit statements
  • Unemployment Stubs
  • Child support received
  • Be a Michigan citizen or a legal immigrant
How Much Income Is Allowed?
Every family's situation is different. Call toll-free 1-888-988-6300 to get more information that will help you find out if you qualify.
When you become eligible, you must join a health plan. You will get a packet from MICHIGAN ENROLLS. It tells you your health plan choices.
Healthy Kids will pay for MSS and ISS when your doctor orders them, and approved providers give the services.
If you or your family need help with food, shelter or other daily living expenses, contact your local DHS office. Ask for the Assistance Application. You must also have a Social Security number or apply for one. If you don't have one, and you have not already applied for one, we can help you apply.

Maternity Outpatient Medical Services (MOMS)

An essential role of the local health department is helping with Medicaid eligibility. Often, the local health departments are the first contact for many of the families. The MICH-Care program has changed it's name to Maternity Outpatient Medical Services(MOMS).

This program is still for pregnant women of any age.
The Maximum age for children eligible for Healthy Kids was changed from 0 - 19.
The state will guarantee provider's payment for prenatal services if local health departments determine the eligibility criteria for MOMS/Healthy Kids has been met.
Local health departments were assigned the role of providing MIChild applications primarily to children 0-19 years. Any incomplete applications and their attachments mailed to MCHD or MIChild will be returned to the local health department.
Who: Allegan County residents 0-19 years.
Services Provided: Application completion, form submission and education.
Where: Allegan County Health Department and in the home by appointment.
Contact: Marilyn Weber, Maternity Outpatient Medical Services(MOMS)/Healthy Kids/MIChild (teens who are pregnant, migrants, and exchange students). Call (269)673-5440.

Healthy Kids #1BABY LINKS
(Zero To Three Secondary Prevention Grant)

Mission: Our main focus is linking families with community agencies. In a collaborative effort with other agencies and organizations all Allegan County families are assessed at the birth of a child. During the assessment Allegan County resources will be discussed and referrals given to appropriate agencies with the families approval.
Who: Families of newborns that reside in Allegan County
Services: Assessment of family needs and referrals as requested by the family.
Where: Attempts are made to visit new families while in the hospital. We are now involved with Allegan General Hospital, Holland and Zeeland. We also receive weekly calls from Spectrum Hospital. A mailing is sent to all Allegan County residents describing the resources in Allegan County along with a survey that determines if the family would like more information regarding any of the services listed.
Access: The Baby Links program works directly with the hospital staff and many agencies in Allegan County such as; Early on, Maternal Support Services, Parents As Teachers, Children's Resource Network and Children Special Health Care Services.

Healthy Kids #4Lead Level Program

All Children from 6 months and 6 years of age should be checked for lead. Lead poisoning is usually a silent disease. A child who takes in a dangerous amount of lead may seem to be well. But lead can affect the brain, causing learning disabilities and behavior problems. Lead can also affect the blood.

Services Provided: In home evaluations will be done if a child is diagnosed with lead poisoning.
When: By appointment with health department nurse/environmental health.
Access: Through Well Child Screening. All lead levels are reported by state and local labs to the local health department. Health Department is required to follow up on any level 10 or above.
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