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Personal Health

Please call 269-673-5411 to make or change an appointment.

All Health Department Clinics are now held at the Allegan County Health Department located in the Human Services Building at
3255 - 122nd Ave., Suite 200 in Allegan Township. View Directions

TB skin testing is available at the Allegan County Health Department by appointment during clinic hours. Fee is $15.00.



 2021-2022 MICR/SIRS Information

COVID-19 in Schools.pdf
Hearing and Vision Program.PDF
Immunization Reporting 2021-2022 PowerPoint 08162021.pdf
Managing Communicable Diseases In Schools.pdf
MCIR-SIRS Training PowerPoint 08162021.pdf
School Preschool  Childcare Communicable Disease Reporting (002).pdf




CDC's Winnable Battles are public health priorities with large-scale impact on health and with known, effective strategies to address them.
Learn the ways that Healthy People 2020 is planning to improve the health of all Americans in 10 years.
Smoke-Free Air Law website
Smoke-Free Air Law website
Wear-One FREE Condom Pick-Up Locations! Allegan County
Condoms by Mail Order Form - Free!  Confidential!  Mailed to YOU!
Learn about Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Michigan Communicable Disease Information
MDHHS Influenza Website

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