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The Goal of the Immunization Program is to decrease the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases in Allegan County.
The Immunization Program is designed to:
  • Promote community awareness of the need for immunizations.
  • Provide immunization services to clients.
  • Offer to provide free training and continuing education to persons who administer vaccines.
Immunizations protect your health. Children who are not immunized are at risk for diseases which can sometimes be fatal. Children should receive most of their vaccinations by the time they are 15 months old. Additional vaccines are recommended at 4-6 years of age and at 11-12 years of age. Children should be vaccinated within the time frame that the immunizations are recommended. Children need to have a complete series of immunizations in order to be fully protected from diseases the vaccines prevent. If your child is behind, it is never too late to catch up. Call your health care provider today to get the needed vaccines.
All persons aged 6 months and older are recommended for annual influenza vaccination.
While many people think that immunizations are only for children, vaccines are important for people of all ages. Some adults incorrectly assume that the vaccines they received as children will protect them for the rest of their lives. Generally this is true, except that:
  • Some adults were never vaccinated as children
  • Newer vaccines were not available when some adults were children
  • Immunity can begin to fade over time
  • As we age, we become more susceptible to serious disease caused by common infections (e.g., flu, pneumococcus)

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Vaccine Information Statements (VIS)

Federal law requires that a VIS be handed out before each dose of vaccine is given.  In Michigan, health care providers should use the Michigan versions of the VIS. Copies are available at your local health department or at Copies are available in English and in other languages.
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