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Purpose: Together: striving for a healthier Allegan County.

Mission: To achieve our vision and ensure Allegan County continues to progress and prosper we must plan, develop and evaluate the necessary policies and resources to ensure our County continues to progress and prosper.

Vision:  Provide our citizens superior and innovative services, be judicious and efficient in the expenditure of resources and promote a safe clean, and healthy environment in which to live work and play


  • The Allegan County Health Department believes that health is a fundamental right of every resident in Allegan County without discrimination of race, sex, religion, political belief, or social position.
  • The Allegan County Health Department believes in the value of customer participation in planning and implementing health department services and  using the feedback to increase customer satisfaction.
  • The Allegan County Health Department believes in the cooperative and collaborative efforts with a diverse sectors/stakeholders for the betterment of the community health outcomes.
  • The Allegan County Health Department believes in a County wide community assessment and improvement plan to align collective resources and maximize impact to health outcomes.
 Health Department
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What is public health?
What are the essential public services?
What is the difference between public health and private healthcare?


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