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Public Health Law


Public Health Code

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Part 11MCL 333.1105Definitions; Local public health department
Part 11MCL 333.1111Protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the people


Michigan Administrative Code

Michigan Administrative Code

R 325.151 – 325.156 Family Planning Services
R 325.151 – 325.156 Family Planning Services
R 325.171 – 325.199 Communicable Disease Rules



PA 246 of 2008Fiscal Year 2009 Appropriations Bill
PA 123 of 2007Fiscal Year 2008 Appropriations Bill


Attorney General Opinions

Opinion No. 6415Authority to determine appropriations for local health services
Opinion No. 6501Reimbursement for required and allowable services


Food Safety Laws

Chapter 1Short title, scope, definitions
Michigan Modified Food CodeEffective Oct. 1, 2012
Updated Michigan Food LawEffective Oct. 1, 2012
Updated Food Law / Michigan Modified Food Code InformationMDARD Website - Oct. 2012
PA 113 of 2007 Amendment to PA 92 of 2000Enrolled House Bill No. 4956
PA 114 of 2007 Amendment to PA 92 of 2000Enrolled Senate Bill No. 595


Environmental Laws

collapse Subject : Condemnation ‎(1)
PA 167 of 1917, Sec. 125.485Housing Law of Michigan, Health Order, Condemnation
collapse Subject : On-Site Sewage Disposal ‎(2)
MCL 333.12751 - 333.12771Michigan Public Health Code, PA 368 of 1978, Part 127
Michigan Criteria for Subsurface Sewage DisposalApril 1994 PDF Document


Public Health Emergency Laws

MCL §§ 333.1101 et seq.Public Health Code; Short title, definitions, and construction
MCL § 333.2226(d)Powers of department
PA 223 of 1976Crime Victim Compensation Board


Crime Victim

MCL §.18.355aSexual assault forensic exam response program


Substance Abuse Prevention Laws

Michigan Administrative Code

R 325.14101 – 325.14125 Substance Use Disorders Service Program
R 325.14201 – 325.14214 Licensing of Substance Use Disorder Programs


Public Health Legal Preparedness

Emergency Powers, Authorities, and Duties May 2013

MCL § 333.2451Act 368 of 1978