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Campsite Reservations

CHANGES TO THE ONLINE PARK RESERVATION PROGRAM: We are happy to announce we are changing our park reservation software to a program that will better meet the needs of our users. The new program will be much more user friendly compared to our current program, with features such as clickable maps, individual campsite/pavilion information, and check-out all in one location. Due to the time it takes to implement and train on a new program, we will not be opening the system for 2018 reservations until March 1st. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as you are trying to make your 2018 plans. Following the implementation of this new program, the reservation system will be open year-round with the ability to make reservations one year in advance; at this time reservations are made in the current year only. Please continue to check our website for any additional updates on this new reservation program.
CAMPSITE FEES & EQUESTRIAN TRAIL FEES: In 2018, equestrian trail fees and campsite fees will be separated from one another; there will be no discounted trail fees if you camp. Campsite fees will continue to be $12.00 per night/per site, (additional fees are still in place for making the reservation). If you are going to be riding on the equestrian trails, you will need to purchase a season pass for $25.00 (covers up to the allowed six horses on one campsite) or you will need to pay the $5.00 per horse daily trail fee using the pay tube at the campgrounds.
SILVER CREEK AND ELY LAKE CAMPGROUNDS ARE OPEN YEAR-ROUND and campsites are available on a first come/first served basis at the campgrounds; please make payment using yellow fee tubes near the entrances.

ALL CAMPSITES AT SILVER CREEK AND ELY LAKE CAMPGROUNDS ARE AVAILABLE FOR EQUESTRIAN USE however not all sites have picket posts. Non-equestrians are welcome on any site at any campground.



    Map of Ely Lake Campground.pdf
    Policy - Campsite Reservations.pdf
    Silver Creek Map - Updated.pdf
    Ely Lake Campsite Size and Info.pdf
    Silver Creek Site Size - Updated.pdf
    Reservations may be made by one of the following methods:
    • Telephone with payment made by credit card
    • In person with payment made by cash, check or credit card
    • Mail-in (use printable form above) 


      Allegan County Parks Commission