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Pavilion Reservations

NEW IN 2017: Reservation time period for half days have changed as follows:

  • 8am - 1:30pm or 2 - 9pm; full day remains 8am - 9pm
  • BACK-TO-BACK RESERVATIONS on same day: parties who have reserved the first half from 8am to 1:30pm MUST clean and vacate the pavilion by 1:30pm. If pavilion and area are not restored to original condition and vacated by 1:30pm, additional charges may be billed to the person or group.
  • THE PERSON OR GROUP reserving the pavilion will be held responsible for restoring the pavilion and area to its original condition. If pavilion and area are not restored to original condition, an additional clean-up fee will be billed to the person or group.

2017 Online pavilion reservations will begin on the first business day of the year, Tuesday, January 3rd for pavilion reservations:

  • West Side, Littlejohn Lake and Bysterveld Parks: Monday, May 1st through Sunday, September 24th (dates may change)
  • Dumont Lake Park: Monday, May 1st through Monday, September 4th (dates may change; improvements will be completed fall of 2017) 
  • Gun Lake Park: Saturday, July 1st through Sunday, September 24th (dates may change; improvements will be completed spring of 2017) 

Reservations may be made by one of the following methods:

  • Online (see below)
  • Telephone with payment made by credit card
  • In person with payment made by cash, check or credit card
Make Reservations
STEP 1 : Make your reservation

 Pavilions - Select to make reservation.

Bysterveld Pavilion Rental Online Reservations
Dumont Pavilion Rental Online Reservations
Gun Lake Pavilion Rental Online Reservations
Littlejohn Lake Pavilion Rental Online Reservations
West Side Park Pavilion Rental Online Reservations


Payment: Pavilion reservation payment is due at the time the reservation is made.
Fees: A reservation can be for three different time periods: 8:00am to 2:00pm, 2:00pm to 9:00pm, or 8:00am to 9:00pm; refer to Fees chart. A higher fee will be charged for using the pavilion for a full day. There are no vehicle entrance fees to enter any Allegan County park.
Reservation Policy: Reservations are taken beginning at 8:00am on the first business day of the calendar year.
Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be issued for pavilion reservations.
Rules: Allegan County Park Rules Ordinance #1010 governs visitor behavior and is posted in the park and available from the park office. The possession and/or consumption of alcohol is prohibited in all Allegan County parks at all times!
  Allegan County Parks Commission