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Probate Court : Fax Filings
Allegan County
Probate Court

113 Chestnut St.
Allegan, MI 49010
Phone: (269) 673-0250
Fax: (269) 686-5157

8:00am - 5:00pm
Monday - Friday

Honorable Michael L. Buck
Chief Judge of Probate

Jonathan K. Blair

Fax Filing

The Allegan County Probate Court accepts fax filings at (269) 686-5157. Every facsimile transmission must be accompanied by the Credit Card Payment Form. The following information must be included on the form: case name, case number, document title, and the name and telephone number of sender. You may pay prior to faxing your documents by visiting, using PLC 7299 to select the Allegan County Probate Court, and indicating the number of pages you are fax filing in the comments section of the GovPay payment page. When finished, simply include the transaction reference number from GovPay on the Credit Card Payment Form and send your documents.   

Documents received during regular business hours of the court will be deemed filed on that business day. Documents received after regular business hours and on weekends or designated court holidays will be deemed filed on the next business day.
Documents filed by facsimile communication equipment are considered original documents. The filing party shall retain the documents that were transmitted by facsimile communication equipment as well as the facsimile confirmation sheet. Subsequently received copies of faxed documents will be discarded. For purposes of MCR 2.114, a signature includes a signature transmitted by facsimile communication equipment.




In addition to fees required by statute, this fee is established for facsimile transmission of documents.
In addition to fees required by statute, this fee is established for facsimile transmission of documents.
Additional service fees will be charged in the following manner:
a. $0.01 - $50.00 ----------- $1.50
b. $50.01 - $75.00 ---------- $1.75
c. $75.01 - $100.00 --------- $3.00
d. $100.01 - $150.00 ------- $5.00
e. $150.01 - $200.00 ------- $7.00

A party is not required to pay a fee for facsimile transmission if the party is the Attorney General, Department of Treasury, Department of Health and Human Services, Community Mental Health, family independence agency, State Public Administrator, or Administrator of Veterans Affairs of the United States Veterans Administration, an agency of county government, or if the documents pertain to a mental health proceeding.



No document will be accepted which is in excess of 50 pages. Furthermore, all filings must be on 8½- by 11-inch paper, and the print must be no smaller than 12-point type (MCR 1.109). These requirements do not apply to attachments and exhibits, but parties are encouraged to reduce or enlarge such documents to 8½ by 11 inches, if practical.


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