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Allegan County
Probate Court

113 Chestnut St.
Allegan, MI 49010
Phone: (269) 673-0250
Fax: (269) 686-5157

8:00am - 5:00pm
Monday - Friday

Honorable Michael L. Buck
Chief Judge of Probate

Avery D. Rose


​​Probate Court


The Probate Court has jurisdiction over the following matters:
  • Deceased Estates
  • Trusts
  • Guardianships for Minors and Adults
  • Conservatorships for Minors and Adults
  • Mental Health Proceedings
  • Delayed Registrations of Foreign Birth
  • Drain appeals
The Probate Court also handles a variety of other matters. These include the following:
  • Petitions for Protective Orders, which are typically one-time requests for the Court to allow or approve some action, such as approval of a settlement.
  • Various civil actions, in which one party is suing another party. These cases are just like cases in circuit or district court, except usually a trust, estate, or fiduciary is one of the parties, so the proceeding has some relation to the regular business of the Probate Court.
  • Finally, the Probate Court holds Wills for safekeeping and handles drain appeals and secret marriages.

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