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Allegan County Surveyor

The duties of the county surveyor are governed by the Revised Statue of 1846 Chapter 14 of County Officers.
Historically, the main duties of the county surveyor were to maintain records and monuments for the section corners within the county.  In addition, the courts and residents of the county could petition the county surveyor for various tasks including the marking of their parcel lines and corners.  According to the act, a majority of the residents in the section or fraction thereof would need to petition for their lines and corners to be marked / established and after 10 days of notice to the rest of the neighbors the county surveyor would commence the surveying project.  Payment for the services would then be required from the parties benefiting parties from the survey.
Today most boundary surveys are completed by private surveying firms while the main duties of the county surveyor are to act as the County Representative (as defined in Act 345 of 1990 the State Survey and Monumentation Act) for the county’s Remonumentation Program.

The Public Land Survey System and County’s Remonumentation Program



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Kevin D. Miedema, P.S.
Co-Owner / Licensed Surveyor

42 North Surveying
4601 13th Ave Ste H
Hamilton, MI 49464
Phone: 269-751-8356
Cell: 269-834-5105
Allegan County Surveyor services include:
  • Boundary surveys
  • Mortgage surveys
  • Plats
  • Construction layout
  • Topographical surveys
  • Site condos