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Transportation : Policies
Transportation Services
750 Airway Drive
Allegan, MI 49010
Phone: (269) 673-4229
Fax: (269) 673-2190

HOURS: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Monday - Friday

Policies and Applications

Miscellaneous Policies

  • Scheduling Priority:
    • Priority One: Standing Orders.
      These are services, established in advance, same passenger, same time, and same origin. Agency or employment related.
    • Priority Two: Reserved Trips.
      These rides are reserved before 12:00 noon the prior business day in advance of service needed.
    • Priority Three: On Demand.
      Those who wait until the last minute to make their request.
  • Attendants – ACT drivers are trained in the special needs of persons with disabilities, but they can only help passengers get in and out of the vehicle. ACT passengers must provide their own attendant. The attendant will travel at no cost. The attendant must be picked up and returned to the same scheduled locations as the ACT passenger.
  • Exact change is required for each trip. Drivers are not required to give change.  Ride pass may be purchased in advance.
  • Day Care – Passengers with day care needs, must advise ACT when scheduling trip.  ACT will drop off children at daycare with-in 10 miles of pick-up or destination at no additional charge.  The time allowed for drop-off or pick-up is limited to 5 minutes at the daycare.
  • In order to accommodate as many riders as possible, pick-up times will be negotiated up to one hour before or after the pick-up time requested by the passenger.  ACT passengers are to be picked up no earlier than 15 minutes before the schedule pickup time and no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled pickup time.
  • The driver will be able to wait for the ACT passenger no longer than 5 minutes after the scheduled pickup time.
  • ACT passengers will be notified when possible, by telephone if the vehicle dispatched for their trip will be arriving more than 30 minutes later than the scheduled pickup time (for pickup from residence unless phone number is not current or in service). In addition, passengers should not be kept on board a vehicle more than 90 minutes on any one-way trip, barring events beyond the control of the service provider.
  • Seat Belt Policy - All passengers riding in any public transportation vehicle must use seatbelts in accordance with the State of Michigan Seatbelt Law.
  • All personal mobility devices that are transported by Allegan ACT Transit must be properly secured.  A respirator or portable oxygen supply is allowed when used in a safe manner.
  • All Passengers are to remain seated until the vehicle comes to a full and complete stop.
  • Parcels and Packages - ACT passengers may only carry packages on board that they and/or their attendant can handle. Drivers are not required to carry packages.
  • Common Courtesy is expected at all times.  No vulgar language, No smoking or eating on the bus.  No animals allowed with the exception of service animals.
  • Allegan County Transportation will not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability.
  • We request all late cancellations be made one hour prior to set pick up time.

  • 269-673-4229 or 877-788-2287


No Shows and Late Cancellations Policy

A "No Show" is a passenger who is not at the scheduled point of pickup within 5 minutes beyond the reservation time. A "No Show" is also a passenger who changes his/her mind and "waves" away a driver who has arrived at the scheduled pickup time and location. ACT passengers will be allowed a total of 2 "No Shows" or "Late Cancellations" within a 30 consecutive day period. The third "No Show" or "Late Cancellation" within a 30-day period will result in suspension of service for 30 days. Notification will be attempted after the second "No Show" and/or "Late Cancellation" occurrence, or when the next trip request is made. A passenger can appeal the suspension by the appeal process. ACT passengers are requested to be considerate of fellow passengers, as every trip which is not canceled takes away a trip from another passenger. When a reservation is made, a record of the scheduled trip should be made.  

No Show Appeal Process

When an ACT passenger is informed of a No Show and they believe it was wrongly charged to them, they may appeal that No Show. To appeal a No Show, a passenger must contact ACT by phone at 269-686-4529, or by letter to 750 Airway Drive, Allegan, MI 49010, and give the reasons and appropriate evidence that the No Show was wrongly charged. On the basis of the reasons and evidence given and an investigation into the matter, a determination will be made by the Transportation Director, or in his absence the Operations Manager, whether or not the No Show was properly charged. Should the No Show be sustained and later action is taken against the passenger for a pattern of No Shows, that passenger may appeal that action to the County Administrator, and argue the validity of the sustained No Show.  

Third Party Scheduling

Because some individuals require or desire a third party to schedule their trips on ACT, and because penalties exist for individuals who fail to show for a trip or cancel a trip in a timely manner, the following policy has been adopted:
  • Passengers will be held responsible for all trips scheduled or canceled by themselves or a third party who is on the pre-approved third party scheduling list.
  • All third party schedulers must first be approved by the passenger and ACT.  They then will be added to the list of pre-approved scheduler list.
  • Third party schedulers will be informed of this policy when scheduling trips.
  • This does not apply to parents or legal guardians.

 Policies and Applications

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