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Treasurer : DogFAQs
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Dog Licenses - Frequently Asked Questions


 Dog License FAQs

  • ​Tells everyone that your dog is not a homeless stray
  • Enables Animal Services to protect neighborhoods, just like yours, from dangerous dogs and enables them to investigate dog bites
  • Helps keep the human and dog population from being infected by rabies
  • Ensures the quick return of lost dogs to their owners

​Get your license as early as possible, you could be subject to Court costs and fines.  Purchase your license as soon as your dog has a curent rabies shot.  Our licenses now correspond to the date of your rabies shot.


​All dogs must be licensed at:

  • Four (4) months of age, or
  • Within 30 days of acquisition, or
  • Within 30 days after new residency in Allegan County

A license is required even when the dog is always kept indoors or on a farm.


We issue replacement licenses free of charge.  Send or bring in your copy of the license and an Affidavit of Lost Dog Tag to the Allegan County Treasurer’s Office. If you do not have the copy of the original license, call or stop in to our office, and we will look up the information for you.


​Yes, it’s the law. A Dog License is the only ID that can be quickly traced. It’s
the best protection your pet has.


Yes, Michigan law requires all dogs 4 months and older be licensed.  License your puppy right away. Puppies often get lost.  A license for a puppy (12 months old or younger) costs $5.00.


​Yes, all dogs go out sometime. What if she runs out when the door is open? It is the house dog who never leaves the yard that can become easily lost if they venture just a little bit. Think of the license as an insurance policy.


Failure to license could result in fines and court costs.


Yes, your dog needs to be licensed in the county in which it resides in.  The license must be purchased within 30 days of residency.


​Within thirty (30) days of acquisition, or when a puppy is 4 months old.


​No. No license tag issued for 1 dog can be transferred to another dog.


​No. Whenever the ownership or possession of any dog is permanently transferred from 1 person to another within the same county, the license of such dog can be likewise transferred. Please notify the County Treasurer’s Office so we can update our records.


​No. The law does not require the procurement of a new license, or the transfer of a license, when the possession of a dog is temporarily transferred, for the purpose of hunting game, or for breeding, trial, or show, in the State of Michigan.


Licenses expire at the end of the same month as the dog’s rabies vaccination.  The expiration year is etched on the license tag.


​First, contact the Allegan County Animal Control at (269) 673-0519. They will inspect your facilities and issue a certification.

Secondly, bring your Kennel Inspection Certification to the Allegan County Treasurer’s Office and we will issue the license and tags.


Please call our office at (269) 673-0260 or email, and we will update your information.


​Yes, Michigan law requires that dogs wear the tag at all times, except when such dog is engaged in lawful hunting accompanied by its owner or custodian.


​No, cats are not currently required to be licensed by state law. However, your local municipality might have rules regarding cats. Check with your city, village, or township office.

Visit the Dog License Purchase page.



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