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Resource Recovery and Recycling Program


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New Recycling Requirements for Allegan County Resource Recovery Program

Residents enrolled in the Allegan County Resource Recovery Program have new recycling requirements beginning January 1, 2020. Plastic bags and shredded paper will no longer be accepted after the New Year.

These new requirements are due to changes at the Kent County Recycling and Education Center. Many of the recycling items collected within Allegan County goes to the Recycling and Education Center to get sorted and bailed to be sold to recyclers as a commodity in the recycling market.
Plastic bags create operational challenges at recycling sorting centers, including shutdowns from the bags tangling around machinery and contamination of the bags and other materials. The best thing for plastic bags is to:

  • Try not to use them whenever possible
  • Recycle them at your local grocery store (such as a Meijer or Walmart).
  • Find other uses for them

Shredded paper at the facility is often too small to get detected and sorted accordingly. Only shred confidential documents that have to be shredded then put them in the trash.

A new flyer with these recent changes is attached to this release.

For details regarding residential recycling services, contact the Resource Recovery Coordinator, Rosemary Graham at To stay updated on our Resource Recovery Program, visit


​Monterey Township will be transistioning to curbside recycling as of April 1, 2020.  As of this date the recycling drop-site behind the township hall will close.  Any dumping will NOT be tolerated and violators will be ticketed.

Contact 269-793-3050 to get signed up for curbside recycling service.

Email if you have signed up and not yet received a cart.

See the attached FAQs for more information!


​​(Allegan, MI)— Allegan County Health Department is promoting a new cardboard and paper recycling opportunity offered by Broken Arrow Recycling in partnership with Pratt Industries, Inc. This 3-month pilot program begins September 1, 2020 with the opportunity to continue based upon participation.  The service is free to both businesses and residents in Allegan County, and the quantity that can be recycled is unlimited. Recycling cardboard and paper saves trees, reduces CO2 emissions, saves water and preserves landfill capacity.

Any resident or business can take part by bringing the items listed below to Broken Arrow Recycling, located at 1100 Lincoln Rd., Allegan. Hours of Operation are Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 4:30pm and Saturday from 9am to 1pm.

Cardboard and Paperboard
• Cardboard boxes (must be flattened)
• Cereal boxes
• Other paperboard

Mixed Paper
• Newspaper
• Magazines and catalogs
• Soft cover books
• Envelopes and junk mail
• Office paper
• Flyers, postcards, etc.

For questions about this collection project, contact Broken Arrow Recycling at 269-673-2062. For information about recycling opportunities in Allegan County, please contact Rosemary Graham at 


​Curbside Recycling participants north of 129th Avenue in Wayland Township, Republic Services has updated your service calendar and you have new services dates.  Find he updated calendar attached.  Please contact 269-686-4559 or 877-MY-TRASH if your recycling is missed.


Find your participating City or Township for more information about recycling: 
Find Your Recycling Information
NOTE: Allegan County Government does not provide a curbside trash service for residents. Most communities rely on private subscriptions with service providers Learn more about who provides services and what services are provided.



Questions? Contact Resource Recovery:Allegan County Recycling

Phone: (269) 686-4559 | Email
Recycling/Solid Waste Coordinator/
Resource Recovery Program Administrator: Rosemary Graham