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Resource Recovery and Recycling Program


Resource Recovery Program Map

Do you live in a participant community? Check the map.



View Participating City/Township Specific Recycling Participant Information 





​Interested in shaping the future of solid waste and recycling in Allegan County?  The Solid Waste Planning Committee has multiple vacancies. Find out more about current vacancies and fill out an application here​.

Solid Waste Planning Committee Vacancies:

Two General Public Representatives

One Environ. Int. Group Representative

One Solid Waste Industry Representative

One Solid Waste Industry Representative

One Township Representative

One City Representative

One Industrial Waste Generator Representative


Drug and Lab Disposal has suspended business hours open to the public for household hazardous waste collection.  Resident's residing in a community that participates in the Resource Recovery Program may contact the Resource Recovery Coordinator to schedule an appointment to drop off household hazardous waste at 269-686-4559.  Residents living in a community that does not participate in the Resource Recovery Program must contact their municipality (where their property taxes are paid) or Drug and Lab Disposal at 800-685-9824 for guidance.  ​​


Find your participating City or Township for more information about recycling: 
Find Your Recycling Information
NOTE: Allegan County Government does not provide a curbside trash service for residents. Most communities rely on private subscriptions with service providers Learn more about who provides services and what services are provided.



Questions? Contact Resource Recovery:Allegan County Recycling

Phone: (269) 686-4559 | Email
Recycling/Solid Waste Coordinator/
Resource Recovery Program Administrator: Rosemary Graham